Welcome to Blended by Design: Blended Learning Modules for K-12 Students: tier II, III, ESOL and students who struggle

K-12 Curriculum for Struggling Learners, Beginning Readers, ESOL 

Strategy-based K-12 online and blended learning literacy support for struggling readers, Tier 2 students, and second language learners. Courses are housed on our LMS at https://campus.blended-by-design.net. All courses were designed to support state and national standards in English Language Arts, English as a Second Language, Humanities, SEL, and the Common Core. All learning is evidence-based, with strategies that transfer to all content areas. Assessments and progress monitoring are included, with data analyzed by our in-house reading specialists for personalized learning and academic progress. Modules may be taken with a PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPhones and Androids!


Courses can be licensed for wide district usage, individual school and classroom use, or individually on-demand for student work with teachers, parents, or tutors. Click here for our course catalog: BBD 2020 Course Catalog at blended-by-design.net 

Watch this video and learn more, or contact us at (845) 380-3437 bestblendedlearning@gmail.com

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Courses housed in our Moodle LMS V-3.8.8 at https://campus.blended-by-design.net

Zoom for real-time teacher/student interaction

Audio scripted content with video 

Downloadable curriculum for offline use and blended learng

Comprehensive teaching guides

Adaptive and differentiated content with evidence-based interventions for personalized learning Individual and small-group instruction for similar skill deficits On-going progress monitoring with comprehension quizzes and running records taken and analyzed by a BBD reading specialist.  Actional data provided for appointed teachers and administrators

Other Services and Products Offered

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