About Us



Dr. Susan Deschel (Founder and CEO) and her team have over 80 years of collective K-12 experience in teaching and administration. Dr. Susan has over 30 years of experience is in K-12 public schools, higher education, and in private educational management. With 16 years of it in curriculum, instructional design, and online course instruction, she founded Blended by Design, a service provider for blended instructional design and K-12 curriculum. Her doctoral study, completed in 2017, is titled, “The Efficacy of Blended Learning Models of Teacher Professional Development”. Susan also researched and had published “Peer Coaching for Adolescent Writers” (Corwin Press, 2010), a student writing handbook for teachers. Susan is also founder and former CEO of Literacy Solutions and more, Inc., where she wrote, edited, and led the design of over 400 online courses for school districts and teachers throughout the United States. Her research, and the work of her team at BBD, continues to focus on digital literacy and use of evidence-based practices that impact curriculum and instruction.